March 31, 2004

Premiere of Our Towns: Dryden and Groton

The Ithaca Journal's first installment of the "Our Towns" page on Dryden and Groton arrived today, on page 3B. Most of the section is available on the Journal's site.

The lead article is Dryden surveys golf course purchase (which I'll discuss in a separate entry). In features that will be regulars on the page, there are a Dryden Town Talk column called Exchange gives English teacher a new perspective (in which English means 'from England'), Briefly in Dryden, Ask Your Public Official, in which Dryden Environmental Planner Debbie Gross talks about issues facing the town, and a Family Fun section.

The print edition includes some additional statistics on educational attainment in Groton and Dryden, as well as a community calendar.

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