March 18, 2004

School report cards, budgets

Today's Journal reports that New York State issued school report cards yesterday, and the news is mostly good for the Dryden and Ithaca districts:

"Ithaca City School District elementary and middle schools did significantly better on state tests than those the state deems as similar schools around the state, according to Russell. High school Regents exam performance also continued to be strong and consistent across the board.....
In Dryden, the focus will continue to be on middle school performance. Having made strides in fourth-grade test scores -- earning most-improved recognition from the state for its fourth-grade math scores -- the district hopes to bolster eighth-grade performance....
But in the high school arena, Regents scores suggested that any gaps in middle school education are minimized at the high school. In seven of eight available Regents test scores, more than 91 percent of students scored a passing 55 or higher. On the Mathematics A test 82 percent passed."

Dryden Superintendent Patricia Archambault wants to add support for middle school and and ninth grade students, but the Journal quotes her on the difficulties: "Given a tough budget year any staff reductions will really limit our abilities."

The Journal also has an editorial on citizen involvement with the school budget process. Finally, there's a another notice on an April 1 deadline for "residents of the Dryden Central School District who wish to have their children transported to a non-public school."

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