April 28, 2004

Elementary principal retiring, open houses

I try to write my coverage of the Ithaca Journal in the morning before the workday starts, but apparently today I wasn't too awake when I did it.

In addition to the stories I mentioned earlier, they also report that Paula Thoma, principal of Freeville and Cassavant elementary schools, has given notice that she will retire in 2007. The article also discusses the board's work narrowing down their choices for a new superintendent to six applicants from the current pool of seventeen. (There were thirty-three to start with.)

The print version of the Our Towns section also includes data on the number of households per resident in the Village of Dryden. Three-quarters of households have one car or two cars, but I'm impressed that almost 11% of residents have no car at all.

Also in the print version but not online are a Community Agency section on Head Start and a Community Calendar that includes three open houses:

  • Tompkins Community Action Early Childhood Department Head Start, tomorrow, April 29th, from 4-7pm at the TC3 farmhouse, 168 North Street (map)
  • Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan Open House and Public Meeting Draft Plan Review - tomorrow, April 29th, from 3-7pm, with a meeting a 7pm, at the Dryden Town Hall, 65 East Main Street (map)
  • TC3 Open House - Friday, April 30th, from 11am to 1:30pm.
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