May 1, 2004

Assessments, laurels, darts

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that assessments are going to be up around 11% county-wide, and "the largest assessment increases occurred in Enfield (21 percent), Ulysses (14.83 percent), and Newfield (13.47 percent)." The City and Town of Ithaca were both slightly above the average, but they don't provide data for Dryden. They mention County Legislator Michael Lane's proposal to shift assessments to every three years.

On the Opinion page, there are laurels to Dryden and darts from Dryden. Dryden businesses Eagle Broadcasting, Arnold's Gifts and Flowers of Dryden, and Googer's Bakery and Coffee Shop get a laurel for helping the 2004 4-H Cascadilla Creek Duck Race. Joe Jay of Dryden sends a dart to Ithaca resident W. Pearce Brown for his letter last week about the president's press conference.

The Ithaca Journal is also looking for residents interested in this year's election, and taking applications from people interested in being part of their collection of "representative households" through November.

There's also a reminder of today's barbecue at the Varna Community Center.

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