May 8, 2004

School candidates, Ithaca Produce, more

After a quiet week, today's Ithaca Journal is bursting with Dryden news.

The Journal profiles the four candidates running for the Dryden School Board: Margaret DeGaetano, Paul Lutwak, Russ Kowalski, and Anderson Young.

Paul Lutwak also has a letter to the editor about the Journal's recent supplement containing school test scores. I had posted some expenditure data from it but refrained from doing more because of the volume of data. Lutwak and previous letter-writer Adam Bauchner are right to question the meaningfulness of that data.

Dryden Superintendent Pat Archambault gives a laurel to the cast and crew of Dryden Middle School's Fiddler on the Roof, Jr. There is also a letter from Dryden resident Peter Davies supporting Dryden resident David Lee and Ithaca resident Allen Lambert for the Ithaca School Board.

Moving away from schools, Ithaca Produce is looking to the Tompkins County Industrial Development Agency for tax breaks to expand by twelve employees by moving from one part of Dryden (Route 13) to another (Johnson Road). Ithaca Produce pays employees living wages by the county's standards, and the move would take their 24-hour trucking from a location in close contact with surrounding residents to a more isolated location that still has good access to the highway. They received preliminary approval.

There's also a story on the ever-growing cost of Medicaid and its impact on the county budget, where it consumes a third of property tax revenue, over $10 million. Home health care and nursing home costs are the largest expense.

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