May 15, 2004

School elections

With school elections coming Tuesday, the Ithaca Journal has a collection of articles on different aspects of school elections, as well as lots of letters endorsing various candidates.

Included today are:

  • an article on voter apathy, with quotes from Dryden residents and retiring Ithaca School Board members Art Berkey and Henry Kramer, as well as a comparison of tax rates in the City of Ithaca and Village of Dryden (though it looks like the Town to me)
  • an article on what's involved in being on a school board, again citing Kramer
  • letters to the editor (in two parts) supporting school candidates, including Marget DeGaetano and Anderson Young in the Dryden district and Dryden resident David Lee in the Ithaca district.

Laurels and Darts also includes two Dryden-related laurels. One is from Elizabeth Hess of Ithaca thanking donors for raffle gifts used in a fund-raiser by the Stone Circle School on Turkey Hill Road, and another is from Margaret DeGaetano thanking "six awesome kids" who helped remove more than fifteen bags of trash from Cady Lane in Freeville.

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