May 18, 2004

School elections today

School budget and board elections are today. The Ithaca Journal gives an overview of school elections in the county.

In Dryden, the two largest districts by far are the Dryden Central School District and the Ithaca City School District. Voting for the Dryden district is at the the Dryden Middle School/High School Auditorium from 7am to 9pm today.

According to the budget notice mailed by the Ithaca district, Ithaca school voting is from noon to 9pm, at Alternative Community School, Beverly J. Martin School, Belle Sherman Annex, Fall Creek School, South Hill School, Franziska Racker Centers, Enfield School, Danby Town Hall, Cayuga Heights School, Caroline School, Northeast School, and Varna Community Center. (Tompkins County GIS has this 2000 school election district map, but I worry that it's outdated as it doesn't show Varna as a voting location.)

Also in today's Journal, Tompkins County Trust Company recognized Anne Grant for volunteer work including Southworth Library and Dryden Dairy Days. She donated the $2000 award to Southworth Library.

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