May 6, 2004

Six months

When I put up my first posting here six months ago, I didn't really have any idea what I was getting into. I wasn't sure there would be enough news for stories every day, and didn't know if people would actually be interested in it.

At this point it's clear that there's more than enough going on in Dryden for stories every day. There is an incredible amount happening here, and only a fraction of it can make the paper. Some of it is routine, but even in the routine there's a depth I wouldn't have guessed before.

It's also clear that at least some people are interested in reading it. Traffic has increased slowly but consistently since I put the site up, and a good proportion of it seems to be local, not just driven by search engines or their spiders looking for new content.

It's also a good time to point out a few things about the site. Looking at my logs, it doesn't seem like many people have realized that you can click on all the photos here and see a larger version of the same picture. You can, if you like, use those pictures for non-commercial projects under the terms for this site. Also, you can change the size of the text for this site if you'd like a larger or smaller version of it.

I'm happy to reach six months, and plan to keep going.

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