June 16, 2004

Dryden Dairy Day, school budget

The lead article in the Our Towns section of today's Ithaca Journal is Dryden Dairy Day brings town together, which takes a look at last Saturday's event from the parade to events to the current state of dairy farming. Pictures on the web site are in color, while they're black and white in the paper.

The Dryden Briefs include lots to do this summer, including the concert series Wednesday nights in Montgomery Park, the "Summer Skies" programs for children ages 9-13, and a creative writing workshop in Freeville.

On the Opinion page, Dryden School Board President Rachel Dickinson writes about the second school budget, which will be going before the voters on June 22nd. She discusses voter response to the first budget and the tie vote, how the budget fits with projections of state aid, the relationship between the budget and the teacher's contract (to be voted on June 23rd), and what happens if the budget fails and the district has to go to a contingency budget.

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