June 4, 2004

Dryden school budget changes, children among the eskers

This week's Dryden Courier looks at the Dryden School District's challenge in assembling a new budget after the 718-718 tie. Some challenges the board has to face:

  • a 15% increase in gas prices since January
  • a 14% increase in health premiums this year, on top of 19% last year
  • retirement expenses increasing while investment returns diminish
  • a decline in state aid from 60% of the district budget to 50%

Particularly strange to me was a comment from a 'no' voter that said to fix the sidewalks. From a 'yes' voter that might have been helpful, but I'm not entirely sure what resources the district is supposed to find to fix them.

Sidewalk at Dryden High School
Crumbling sidewalk at Dryden High School.

If the revised budget fails, a contingency budget will take effect for the first time since 1998.

In brighter news, Cassavant Elementary School students went to visit the the Nature Conservancy's O.D. Von Engeln Preserve, wandering among the eskers, kames and kettles while Dryden High Seniors greeted them as fairytale characters.

There's also a piece on the continuing question of whether mountain lions are returning to the area, though it doesn't discuss Dryden in particular.

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