June 18, 2004

Family reunion, TC3 tuition hike

This week's Ithaca Journal seems to be overflowing with Dryden-related news. This morning's paper brings an article on an upcoming family reunion for Freeville resident Donna Freedline supported by the Fairygodmother Foundation and an article on TC3's 5.4% tuition hike, adding $75 a semester. TC3 president Carl Haynes notes that that tuition is still well within the aid level available from New York's Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

At the County level, Dryden County Legislator Mike Lane is quoted opposing the addition of two new staff members to the assessor's office in support of annual assessment, which Lane had proposed shifting to every three years.

There's also an article whose headline claims to see optimism in the county jobs outlook, but most of the article sounds more like the market is steady rather than growing. The Manpower poll they cite did show an increase to 27% now from 17% last quarter of companies predicting an increase in hiring activity, but 33% of employers were planning to increase hiring levels last year. (I'd also like some data looking back - did employers actually increase hiring then?) They quote Home Depot as needing people for seasonal reasons and Ithaca College is seeing stability. It's not like the area's facing a huge drop in employment, but the optimism in the article seems like it should be pretty mild.

On the opinion page, Kimberly Gazzo examines the costs of the Dryden school budget proposal up for a vote on June 22nd, and encourages people to vote yes.

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