June 26, 2004

Hanshaw Road accident, Freeville barbecue

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports a rollover on Hanshaw Road north of Neimi Road that injured two women while two children avoided injury.

There is also a chicken barbecue today at the Freeville United Methodist Church (map).

Police arrested a Dryden man for DWI on the overlap of Routes 13 and 366 Wednesday night, also arresting him for doing 63 in a 45mph zone and failing to keep right.

In the congressional race for Dryden, Newt Gingrich is threatening to get involved in support of incumbent Sherwood Boehlert if the Club for Growth backs David Walrath.

There are two articles on the recently adjourned and largely unproductive state legislative session, one covering what didn't get done, the other looking at the likely lack of consequences for legislators. (Incumbent Barbara Lifton is the only candidate I've heard is running in this district this time.)

There's also a letter from Steve Scott of Dryden praising former President Reagan for having "helped start a downward trend in budget deficits."

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