June 13, 2004


Most of what I've been doing here for the last seven months has been reporting. Making information about Dryden available seems like a good thing to do, and I plan to continue doing that, hopefully at a faster pace than I've managed these last few weeks.

I'd like to add something different, though, something which invites readers to think beyond a particular story. In addition to telling about things, I'll be asking something, probably once a week. I don't think most of the questions will have simple answers, or at least they won't have answers that everyone readily agrees upon. You'll be welcome to talk about your answers in the comments, or just to think about what answers might be.

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Note on photos


Lynne Stamm said:

I live in NE Ohio about 15 minutes east of Cleveland. I grew up in Upstate NY. My grandparents lived in Groton and my great-grandparents lived in Dryden, Locke and Caroline. My great grandmother was Louie Pearl Lamont daughter of Archibald B. Lamont who was a farmer, proud democrat and president of the Dairy Association. I spent many summer days in Dryden as well as on Lake Owasco at our cottage. I enjoy reading your posts on Dryden; it makes me feel closer to "home".