July 15, 2004

Flags not included

It's a big year for politics, and signs have been in yards for months. I have a stack of Kerry signs in my basement, but there are other choices as well. Here's a roundup of where to get signs related to the 2004 presidential race. (As New York seems a very safely Democratic state this year, the national campaigns are apparently not sending resources, like free signs, here.)

Kerry sign
Kerry sign.

If you'd like a John Kerry for President sign, waterproof with a wire frame, you can call me, Simon St.Laurent, at 256-5334, and pick it up at 1259 Dryden Road. These signs were purchased from Kerrygear.com by the Town of Dryden Democratic Committee, and we're asking for a donation of $5 per sign.

Bush-Cheney sign
Bush-Cheney sign.

If you'd like a Bush-Cheney sign, call Mark Finkelstein, the Tompkins County Republican Committee Chairman, at 277-2743. They're also asking for a $5 donation, and the signs are at the Gun Hill Residences office, 210 Lake St., Ithaca. (Thanks to Duane Testut for leaving that information here.)

Bush Must Go sign
Bush Must Go sign.

If you'd like a Bush Must Go sign, their headquarters is at 115 The Commons, Ithaca, above Autumn Leaves bookstore. They're looking for a donation of $6 per sign and $1.50 per bumper sticker. As you can see in the picture above, they left a space for people to add their own messages to the sign, and have a selection of stickers available for that.

(It should be obvious, but my inclusion of sign-providers in this list does not mean that I endorse their efforts, except of course for my own efforts.)

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