July 28, 2004

Golf course volunteers recognized

This morning's Ithaca Journal has an article on the volunteers keeping the Lakeview Golf Course going. Town Supervisor Steve Trumbull appreciates their efforts:

"Those members who are donating time, fully free, mowing the course, mowing the greens, donating money for gas -- those guys are unsung heroes."

Trumbull notes that the town's preference is for a private buyer to purchase the course and keep it as a golf course, rather than taking advantage of the current residential zoning for the site. (The board seems uninterested in changing the zoning.)

Dryden briefs mention the 4-H Fair that starts today, as well as the Dryden Conservation Board's continuing search for a new member.

In the 24th District congressional race, David Walrath has received the Conservative Party endorsement, ensuring he'll be on the ballot in November even if he loses the Republican primary to incumbent Sherwood Boehlert.

If you're curious about how much rain we've had in July, we're not quite in the record books yet. Last July is still ahead of this July. The record is 9 inches in 1935's major flooding, while this year we're at 6.04 inches.

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