July 22, 2004

Jail questions, sign-stealing

After yesterday's burst of stories, today's a quiet day for Dryden in the Ithaca Journal. County Legislator Martha Robertson is quoted in a story on whether boarding in prisoners could help finance a larger jail, discussing the risks of the idea:

"If the only jail the commission will approve is 136 beds, and I think it is clear that is true, we could mitigate our expenses by expecting to board in prisoners. There is no way we need 136 beds for our people. But if we think there is a hot market for jail beds and we think we can house 30 people per night, it would make sense."

There's an article on Lansing discussing a drainage district that's interesting in part because Dryden doesn't have any drainage districts. Regulations for stormwater management have come up on a regular basis at Town Board and Planning Board meetings, so I wonder if this is something we may see here eventually.

In letters, Charlie Hart of Freeville (not Charlie Hart of Dryden) writes that the recent pile of letters complaining to the Journal about sign-stealing are tied to tolerance for civil disobedience here - "another criminal act in a liberal town."

Sign-stealing is obnoxious, but it's strange to see it used as a political bludgeon, especially when signs of all varieties have been reported stolen. Perhaps it's the result of a general decline in civilization, but it seems a lot more likely that it happens more frequently when political campaigns run from January to November instead of starting after Labor Day.

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