July 8, 2004

Supervisor Trumbull on golf course

This morning's Ithaca Journal includes a letter from Dryden Town Supervisor Steve Trumbull about the Lakeview Golf Course. It doesn't say that the town is buying the course. Instead,

"We want to dispel the notion that the town board is blocking private enterprise in order for the town to take over the course. Rather, the board wants to encourage those interested in the golf course to review the report and discuss their ideas with us. We have made a commitment to work with any potential new owner in order to protect the Dryden community's interest in maintaining this valuable open space and environmental resource."

This doesn't sound to me like the board is planning to buy the course. It sounds rather like the board is hoping that whoever does buy the course will be interested in maintaining it as a course, using the report as a basis. An amenable buyer would avoid the problem Councilman Michaels brought up at the March Town Board meeting that he was "very resistant to keeping someone who paid cold hard cash for it from building houses on it." The letter also includes some specific ideas for town involvement:

"While continuing private ownership of the golf course, we also hope to expand recreational opportunities that the area would offer, in addition to golf. Possibilities include the town purchasing an easement along the lake's edge to continue the Jim Schug Trail and perhaps use the golf course for cross-country skiing."

Elsewhere in the paper are a notice that TC3 is offering lifeguarding courses, a piece on the Town of Ithaca's dealing with the Recreation Partnership (something that Dryden is also addressing), and a list of local college graduates.

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