July 11, 2004

Updates in The Shopper

I've been a bit more lax about covering The Shopper, but there's been less in it lately that I haven't covered elsewhere. I do scour it every week, though.

This week's Shopper contains, among many other things:

  • An ad for the new Place Names of Tompkins County, published by the Office of the Tompkins County Historian and available at Wildflowers, 20 East Main Street in Dryden, or from Victorian Sales, Box 555, Dryden, NY 13053. It feels very different from its predecessor, W. Glen Norris' The Origin of Place Names in Tompkins County, largely because it's compiled from sections written by the county, town, and village historians. It's also 132 pages long instead of 56.
  • There are ads for Dryden Coed Summer Basketball Camp and Fall 2004 Sertoma Soccer registration.
  • There's a new Dryden Board Briefs covering the June 23rd meeting.
  • The Freeville Village Picnic is today from 4-7pm at the Freeville Elementary School, followed by a Community Hymn Fest at the Methodist Church.
  • There's an ad for the Kerry signs from the Dryden Democrats.

On the signs, if there's anyone local distributing the Bush-Cheney signs, I'll be happy to mention that here. I don't know if people are ordering them from the national campaign or if local Republicans have a part in it.

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Note on photos


Duane Testut said:


I purchased a few Bush-Cheney signs from the Tompkins County Republican Committee Chairman, Mark Finkelstein, at the office of Gun Hill Residences, 210 Lake St., Ithaca, 277-2743, mark@gunhill.net, also for a donation of $5. I'll try to check and see if they are available from the Dryden committee and let you know.

And thanks for offering to publish this information in "Living in Dryden."