August 25, 2004

$5,000 for Dryden Youth Opportunity Fund

The Ithaca Journal's Our Towns section has added Caroline to its Wednesday edition, making it "Caroline & Dryden & Groton." There's still plenty of Dryden news this week.

The Dryden Youth Opportunity Fund has received a $5,000 award from the Helen Thomas Howland Foundation. In the same briefs, there are also a mention of the Etna Community Church's 200th anniversary celebration, planned for September 19th, and a notice of a tire collection to be held at the Town of Dryden Highway Barn from 8am to 1:30pm on October 16th.

The Neighbors section (which doesn't appear to be online) notes that Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Aaron D. Abb, originally of Freeville, has returned home from deployment to the Persian Gulf, and that David A. Drew of Dryden High School has won a Rensselaer Medal, bringing with it a scholarship to RPI.

The demographic table this time lists the number of vehicles per household in Freeville, a table I can't find on the census pages. About 7% of residents have no vehicles, while 38% have one, 43% have two, and no one has five or more.

In county news, there's budget discussion, especially around capital projects, as well as a forum to discuss county issues, notably the prospect of a new jail and the county executive. The forum will be held August 31st from 7-9pm in the Borg-Warner room of the Tompkins County Public Library (map).

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