August 26, 2004

Artists' haven; college veto frustrations

The Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, on Ellis Hollow Road, gets an Ithaca Journal article about its Artist Colony program today. Five artists at a time spend a month at the colony working on projects.

There's more discussion of the impact of Governor Pataki's vetoes on capital spending at TC3 and Cornell, and TC3 also faces $325,000 less operating money than expected.

While the state is cutting college funding, it's reaching down to the town level to collect more funds for itself, claiming $22.8 million in traffic fine money. This was originally in Governor Pataki's original budget and survived the negotiations.

Ron Flynn, Chief of the Neptune Hose Company, praises Dale Oplinger in an article about the departing Lansing Fire Chief.

On the opinion page, Charlie Hart of Freeville tries his hand at a satire of Kerry supporters. (Hart's letter is in the middle of three on that page.)

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