August 5, 2004

Congressman Boehlert in Freeville

Congressman Sherwood Boehlert held a forum at Freeville's W. B. Strong Fire Company yesterday, addressing a program, the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, which is set to expire at the end of this year. Boehlert is working on its renewal, and firefighters also sounded interested in some changes to encourage more training on the equipment it provides.

Elsewhere in the Journal, they report that Michelle Malmberg, who pleaded guilty to destroying evidence in the 2002 murder of Eric Tallman in Dryden, was denied release from a Texas jail where she is serving a sentence for drug possession.

On the opinion page, John Curatolo of Dryden writes that he "was absolutely appalled by the July 31 Ithaca Journal article regarding salvia divinorum." Like most writers to the Journal on the subject, he's concerned both about the substance and that the Journal effectively "made it an advertisement of where to buy a substance to get high with." (The Journal's editorial today calls for banning salvia.)

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