August 14, 2004

Looking forward to TC3 expansion

The state legislature has approved $10.6 million for TC3 to build a new athletic facility, though Governor Pataki's veto remains a possibility for now. The project overall will cost $23 million, with Tompkins and Cortland counties providing a local share, and the article notes that they're working to raise funds privately as well. Moving the athletic facilities will free space in the main building for additional classrooms.

The bridge on Turkey Hill Road between Ellis Hollow and Ellis Hollow Creek roads will be closed from August 16th to August 24th, with a detour over Stevenson and Game Farm roads to Ellis Hollow.

There's also a piece on the likely re-election of state legislators while support for the legislature in general is plummeting. I feel stuck much the same way. I like Assemblywoman Lifton, but can't quite believe that she goes to work in an organization so thoroughly screwed up but which still purports to be the government for the people of the State of New York. Something drastic needs to change, but it's hard to see any likelihood of that given the current rules and leadership.

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