August 31, 2004

Rain damage, forum tonight

Yesterday's heavy rains are a big story in the Ithaca Journal today, with a piece on a rollover on Hanshaw Road caused by flooding, an article on flooding in Groton and throughout the county, and an article that looks at the rain's impact across the state.

The Tompkins County Legislature will be holding a public forum tonight at 7pm to discuss the jail construction and county executive proposals. The forum will be in the Borg-Warner room of the Tompkins County Public Library (map).

An article about a new low-income housing complex in Trumansburg cites a former Dryden resident saving $267 a month in rent by moving there.

Congressman Sherwood Boehlert is cited in an article on the influence of moderates in the Republican party, saying that "We work exceptionally well with the majority despite the fact that we have some differences."

On the opinion page, Anita Richards of Freeville, unhappy about an August 23rd protest on the Ithaca Commons, claims that "People have long believed that good fences make good neighbors" and that "the Palestinians' true goal is not peaceful coexistence with Israel, but the utter destruction of the Jewish state."

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