August 7, 2004

School funding uncertainty

Thanks to New York's protracted budget delay, local schools are still wondering what aid they'll be getting as they prepare to set their tax rates. Dryden School Board President Rachel Dickinson and Business Administrator Teresa Carnrike are both quoted in the piece about the situation's potential effect on the Dryden district. Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton and State Senator James Seward both seem to expect a budget this week.

In news affecting the county, New York State has rejected Schuyler County's plan for selling some Empire Zone acres to Tompkins County, though it sounds like they can revise the plan and push forward again. Also, natural gas delivery prices may be increasing 5% over the next four years.

On the opinion page, Teri Niziol of Dryden reports her shock over the Journal's recent salvia reporting, saying that "Our community needs to have information spread in print that promotes healthy living, family and community building and good moral choices."

On the same controversy, the Journal's managing editor, Dryden resident Bruce Estes, writes that "Alerting the community to potential health and safety risks is a fundamental job at The Ithaca Journal."

Teri Curatolo of Dryden writes to congratulate Ithaca Mayor Carolyn Peterson for choosing Lauren Signer to be the next police chief in Ithaca.

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MIke said:

If the Ithaca Journal wanted to 'educate' people about the dangers of Salvia why didn't they feature a police officer or a doctor explaining such - instead they have a young girl smiling and tacitly inviting the reader to "try it." Unbeleivable!