August 3, 2004

School lunch price hike

This morning's Ithaca Journal talks about impending increases in school lunch prices as well as additional costs (driven by the increasing cost of steel) for a heating and ventilation system. The Dryden Central School Board will vote on what to do at their August 31st meeting.

There's also mention of the Dryden Central School District in an article on "mobile lifestyles," where a family from Dryden is wandering the country in their RV. They homeschool the children, monitored by the Dryden Central School District.

In the opinion section, Lisa Cochran of Freeville writes to say that "A child can learn respect, compassion, responsibility, and how to love unconditionally from a home in which the parents -- either same-sex or not -- are in a stable and loving relationship," in response to a July 19th letter from Gabriel and Penelope Carpenter of Dryden.

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