August 16, 2004

"Ultimutt Makeover" pilot show filmed in Etna

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports on the shooting of a reality TV pilot show in Etna, as "UltiMutt Makeover" combines home remodeling reality show with pet care. Richard Parker and Nancy Douglas and their St. Bernard, Shasta, have left for a week while contractors modify their house to make it more comfortable for Shasta, who has hip dysplasia.

On the opinion page, the Journal's editorial and a guest column by County Administrator Steven Whicher both look at the county budget and especially the impact of postponing work on the county jail.

Freeville resident Charlie Hart writes in about the Brown Road/Route 13 intersection, saying that "to reduce the speed in that area and not install a traffic light would only create more speeders and wouldn't really cut down on accidents."

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tbird said:

Will you keep us updated on the reality show, please? It may not be big news, but it's a cool thing to happen in Etna.

Michael Kehoe said:

Yes we will keep everyone posted about the show. And there will be a premier in Ithaca once we have finished post production on the show. It should be a big night at the State Theater down town Ithaca. Red carpet and photographers!!