August 18, 2004

Willowbrook anniversary, road repair difficulties

It's Wednesday, so the Ithaca Journal's Our Towns section is focusing on Dryden and Groton. This week, there's lots of Dryden news.

They lead the Our Towns section with an article on the 25th anniversary of Willowbrook, the senior-citizens' complex in the Village of Dryden. It's run by the nonprofit Dryden Senior Housing Corporation, and isn't a medical facility, though it was built with senior citizens' needs in mind.

Also in Our Towns, Cathy Wakeman writes of visiting Washington, DC and returning to Dryden. She also notes tonight's concert in Montgomery Park - Sunny Weather, at 6pm.

There's an article on the impact of all this rain on Dryden road work. As Jack Bush said at last week's Town Board meeting, the soggy ground is damaging roads. The Highway Department still hopes to have road repairs completed by September, but a lot depends on the weather.

In Dryden Briefs there's a notice that this week's Planning Board meeting is cancelled and a reminder of Saturday's community rummage sale in Varna. There is also a list of 4-H Rabbit and Dairy Contest awards.

The print edition has a table showing percentatage of households at given income levels in the Village of Dryden. The data is similar to this census data though slightly more combined.

In Etna, the Journal describes the results of the "Ultimutt Makeover" work done over the last few weeks to make a house more dog-friendly.

In county news, the budget hasn't been changed by the state budget, and it looks like the TCAT bus system will become a not-for-profit corporation.

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