September 15, 2004

Boehlert wins Republican primary

Today's Ithaca Journal reports that Sherwood Boehlert defeated David Walrath by 20,365 to 14,741. In Tompkins County, the vote was 919 for Boehlert to 613 for Walrath. In the general election, Boehlert will face Walrath, who has the Conservative line, and Jeffrey Miller, a Democrat.

Closer to home, the Journal's "Our Towns" section seems to be shrinking. It's no longer a full page without advertising, but half a page plus a briefs section on the opposite page, and the statistical box is missing this week. Today's includes a profile of Dave Klein and Klein's Archery which made the paper but not the web site.

Cathy Wakeman reports from last month's "Ladies Night Out" that the group is looking for a good project for "Make a Difference Day", and looks at the Southworth Library book sale as an example of making a difference that's already going on.

In the Town Briefs, they mention the Dryden Town Historical Society's Sunday get-together in Bethel Grove as well as the September 19th Etna Community Church 200th anniversary celebration.

The Ithaca City School District began looking at elementary school redistricting last night, with the hope of sorting it out by February of next year.

In county news, the Recreation Partnership is facing cuts at the County Legislature meeting tonight. At the state level, Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton formally announced her campaign for re-election.

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