September 16, 2004

Catching up with the Courier

I was away last week, so I'm covering two issues of the Dryden Courier in one article. Both issues focus on farming issues and the start of the school sports seasons.

In the September 8th issue, Courier reporter Tony Hall looks at the difficulties caused by increasing costs on the Dryden elementary school renovations and the challenges of extending the Jim Schug Trail from the Village of Dryden to Freeville. Liability is one issue, taxes are another, and selling land to the town is yet another. I think the spirit of the discussion may be summed up by the article's final line:

"Farmers aren't greedy, they're just independent thinkers," [Warren VanPelt] said.

There was also an article on the (then) upcoming Freeville Harvest Festival and an article on Dryden Boys' Soccer. The editorial examines the costs of equipment for a new emergency communications system.

In the September 15th issue, both of the cover stories are about farming and development. The first discusses the Purchase of Development Rights planning at the Town Board, noting the potential conflict beween plans for future development and the proposed easement applications. The town voted unanimously to support the PDR process. There's also coverage of the meeting that was to be held Monday night, focusing on farmers' concerns. There's no coverage of the actual meeting, however.

The sports pages focus on Dryden Girls' Soccer and Dryden Football.

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