October 15, 2004

Dryden budget; Miller visit tomorrow

Ithaca Journal reporter Jennie Daley provides details on a subject that wasn't addressed directly at last night's meeting: the budget, and a likely 7% tax levy increase. Highway equipment, recreation, and a decline in state and federal aid are all cited as factors. There will be a budget meeting Monday, October 25th, at 5:00pm at the Neptune Hose Company (map)

Jeff Miller's visit tomorrow - at 2:00pm in the Mural Lounge in the Clinton House (map) - gets both a notice in the Journal and a letter from County Legislator Martha Robertson. Robertson writes that:

"Last spring PushBack, the bipartisan citizens' group that lobbies against unfunded state and federal mandates, met with Congressman Boehlert. We wanted to express our frustration with federal actions that raise our local property taxes. I fully expected a tough argument, but I wasn't prepared for the Congressman's patronizing aggressiveness.

"Of course, a politician's performance in one meeting with citizens is only a tiny part of how he serves his constituents. But I believe it can be very revealing of his basic attitudes about the people he is supposed to represent."

and promises that "Jeff Miller will bring openness and new ideas to Congress." For more on the event, see this flyer for the event (272K PDF).

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