October 11, 2004

Energy costs, environmental committees

This morning's Journal has very little specific to Dryden, but does include an article on a subject that affects us and a letter from the town on that subject: energy.

Last week, the Journal published an article on a 15% increase in electricity rates for the 90% of NYSEG customers on the fixed-rate plan. Today, there's a letter from Robert Pass (identified as NYSEG, Town of Dryden) responding to that article. It doesn't appear to contest any of the claims made in the article, but explains the delivery/supply distinction on customers' bills, concluding with a note about how often the fixed-rate plan changes:

"Despite theses changes, effective Jan. 1, NYSEG's fixed-price option will again provide customers with price certainty: A frozen price for electricity delivery and supply for the next two years."

The Journal also reports today on the increases in heating costs forecast for this year, with fuel oil customers facing the stiffest increases.

Also, two county environmental boards are seeking new members. The Environmental Management Council and the Water Resources Council have positions opening in January 2005. Both have at-large seats available as well as seats with more specific purposes.

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