October 21, 2004

Model rockets and water issues

This week's Dryden Courier leads with an article on model rocketry's role in the fifth-grade science curriculum at Dryden Intermediate School. Students start with a simple rocket blown off the end of a straw, then to Alka-Seltzer rockets, and finally to the hobbyists' model rockets with solid-fuel engines. Students both build and launch the rockets, learning math and physics along the way.

The water problems in Ellis Hollow also make the front page. Tony Hall quotes extensively from people who spoke at the last Town Board meeting, discusses the town's efforts to collect better information and work with the US Geological Survey, as well as talking with the Finger Lakes Stone Company. The company, which runs the quarry, says that their water use hasn't increased and that nothing they're doing likely has an effect on the water.

There's an announcement of a Dryden Town Historical Society presentation on the Dryden Grange, to be held the 28th at Neptune Hose Company. (I'll be posting that announcement in full later today.)

In sports, the Courier looks at the Dryden football team, which has had a tough few weeks and faces the defending state champions this weekend.

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