October 27, 2004

New assistant principal

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that Edmund Walsh has been named assistant principal of Dryden Middle School, a newly created post. Walsh has taught English in the district for 25 years.

On the now-shrunken Our Towns page, Cathy Wakeman reports on Sertoma Soccer, upcoming meals at the Dryden United Methodist Church (November 2nd) and Neptune Hose Company (October 29th), and tomorrow night's Dryden Grange presentation from the Dryden Town Historical Society.

The Ithaca City School District continues to examine elementary redistricting, now looking at its effect on middle schools.

Briefly in Dryden notes that the Dryden Conservation Board is still looking for a new member, preferably one from the farming community.

Senator Seward has announced grants for the Tompkins County Public Library, Southworth Library, and Groton Public Library. The announcement on his site states that "The funds have been appropriated as part of the 2004-2005 state budget." I hope they came through the budget explicitly, not as slush fund items, paid with borrowed money granted by the Majority Leader's budgeted borrowing. I'm guessing (from the number of library awards listed recently on his site) that they're part of a regular state program.

Dryden boys' soccer won an overtime victory in the Section IV Class B quarterfinals yesterday.

The Monitor reports the arrest of a Dryden man for misdemeanor pot possession.

On the opinion page, the Journal endorsed incumbent Sherwood Boehlert in the 24th District congressional race, while former Ithaca City Councilman Edward Hershey writes supporting the OTB proposition on Tuesday's ballot in terms so overly simplistic that he may drive me to vote against it. When the county's considering it as a way to make money from its residents and reduce taxes for those who don't play, it's a situation that needs deeper consideration than "it has to do with freedom of choice." It's certainly good that "even if Proposition One passes, no resident of Tompkins County will be forced to place a single wager," but Hershey seems intent on ignoring that there will be community impacts from having OTB in town, not all of them positive.

Somehow I doubt OTB will open in Dryden, even if the proposition passes for the county. I'm still far from sure it'll be a good thing from Dryden.

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