October 3, 2004

September Town Board minutes

The minutes for both the September 9th and September 24th Town Board meetings are available.

I missed the September 9th meeting, so it's good to catch up. Highlights include:

  • A very quiet public hearing on increased costs for upgrading the Bolton Point water works, which were eventually approved.
  • Neptune Fire Chief Ron Flynn introduced a new Director of Operations for Dryden Ambulance, Clayton Bronson, and there was discussion of how to split the foreign fire insurance funds, which were just settled this past week.
  • Flynn and the Board also discussed putting a generator at the Beam Hill Tower and preparing for the local costs of the county's upcoming emergency communications system.
  • There was discussion of the town supporting an application for the state to purchase development rights from six farms in the town, with some questions about some of the farms being in areas where development is projected in the Draft Comprehensive Plan, as well as some of the farms crossing municipal boundaries into the Villages of Dryden and Freeville. The board voted to support the application, which was due October 1.
  • There was a lot of discussion during the County Briefing about the county budget, most particularly the Recreation Partnership and the jail. Both of those issues have seen county votes since then, adding funding for both projects, so I'll be curious to see how these go at the October meeting.
  • Attorney Mahlon Perkins reported that a petition had been filed requesting a referendum on the creation of the Royal Road water and sewer districts, and the referendum will be held with the general election in November.
  • Zoning Officer Henry Slater reported on progress on the site plan review for an expanded Highway Department barn. He also discussed conversations with Congressman Boehlert's office on the appeal of FEMA's decision to pull money from the Virgil Creek project. Boehlert's office believes the Town proceeded correctly, and got a commitment from FEMA to send someone to inspect the project in person when the appeal is received.
  • Environmental Planner Debbie Gross reported that the Cayuga Lake Watershed Intermunicipal Organization was running radio ads to let landowners know of their new obligations under stormwater regulations, the meeting with farmers that was scheduled for the 13th, and work with the county to take advantage of their offer to pay for an aquifer test well. She also talked about her ongoing discussions with property owners along the proposed trail connecting the Villages of Dryden and Freeville.

The minutes for the 24th correspond fairly well to my report on the meeting, minus the picture of everyone shoved into a small office.

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