October 13, 2004

Swimming in Dryden; voter registration up

Cathy Wakeman reports on the Dryden Aquatic Racing Team (DART), a competitive swimming program held at the Dryden High School Pool from 6:30 to 8:00pm four nights a week. She also notes that Friday will be busy at Dryden High School:

  • The Dryden Sertoma Soccer Program has a Spaghetti Supper from 5:30 to 7:30pm;
  • The Dryden High Drama Club will be presenting Romeo and Juliet at 7:00pm (and again on Saturday);
  • There will be a silent auction benefiting the senior class;
  • Dryden football will be playing Norwich.

Finally, Wakeman announces a community roundtable being held by the Dryden Youth Opportunity Fund on Wednesday, October 27th at TC3.

The Monitor mentions two DWI arrests in Dryden. One was on Route 13, the other on Fall Creek Road.

At the county level, voter registrations have climbed dramatically this year, with 5,000 registrations since April 1st. The table of voters in the print edition isn't included online, unfortunately, but my brief extract below may give a summary of some of the change:

Party199820002004% change
Total Voters45,86750,89154,29518.3%

Note that the totals don't quite work, as I've left out parties with fewer than 500 registrations (Conservative, Liberal, Right To Life, and Working Families), but you get a broad picture. (For the Greens, I can't calculate a percentage since they had no registrations in 1998, but it's definite a dramatic growth rate.)

Finally, on the opinion page, the Journal's editorial, suggests re-examining the structure of policing in Tompkins County. It's an interesting idea, though it has a strange counterpoint in the print edition's State Briefs about Erie County telling towns they have to pay for sheriff's service or have no policing.

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