October 24, 2004

Willow Glen Cemetery changes colors

I called the Willow Glen Cemetery Association earlier this week to ask about state funding they received, but also got to ask them about some recent changes: a new fence going up, painted maroon rather than the firehouse red of the rest of the fence.

Cemetery Association Brad Perkins confirmed that the entire fence would eventually be maroon, with cream on the picket tops, rather than the red and white combination they currently have.

New colors coming to Willow Glen Cemetery
New colors coming to Willow Glen Cemetery - cream tops on left will be standard across fence.

Contrasting the old colors with the new at Willow Glen Cemetery
Contrasting the old colors (right) with the new at Willow Glen Cemetery

Perkins also reported that with the addition of wider east and west entrances, the Cemetery Association will be restoring their main gateway to its original (narrower) configuration. If you'd like to make a donation to help with this work, send it to:

Willow Glen Cemetery Association
PO Box 299
Dryden, NY 13053-0299

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Kay Scutt said:

I am deeply disturbed by the new planting rules at this cemetery. For 18 yrs we have planted a beautiful garden on my parent's grave.I wrote an article to Cortland Standard on the beauty of this cemetery a few yrs back. Now we can no longer honor my parents the way we want to. Already a plant has ben mowed we just took there. You will see me writing to paper again..not a flattering one this time. I have been proud of this cemetery til now. We can buy someting for60 dollars to contain flowers I hear. Money is your main concern now..not how a family member feels.I do not want to even come there anymore. My heart is broken

Lesa Townsend said:

We too were upset over the new planting rules as well as not being notified, our plants were mowed over as well and our bricks were tossed. out I spoke with Mr. Perkins in regards to some of the new rules, I very much want to attend the annual meeting but was not able because we were out of town. Same of the association for not having some regards to family feelings.

gail taylor said:

Yes rules are rules but we pay for these plots, Don't we have Any say at All? Government, Beauracacy, Rubbish I say!! Let's treat their family member and resting places as they would ours, R.I.P. I think maybe not.. So Sad..

Tom Wakula said:

I recently had to find some graves, one is my Uncle and the others are distant relatives of my Aunt. I couldn't have been treated any nicer. They were extremely helpful, not like other cemeteries. One cemetery in Ithaca East Hill area said that unless I were a relative of the deceased, they won't help me, even after I indicated that I was a volunteer for Find A Grave Website.