November 16, 2004

Dryden legislators disagree on jail

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that the thorny issue of building a new jail may cause large problems for the budget. While no one, including the Journal's editorial, is happy with the New York State Commission of Corrections insistence that they build an expensive 136-bed jail, the question of what to do in the face of a bureaucracy that insists on having its own way is complicated.

The Journal article shows the same divide between Dryden's legislators that came up at last Thursday's Town Board meeting. County Legislator Martha Robertson wants to halt $600,000 in design costs for next year, accepting the state's likely removal of variances and the cost of boarding out. In her view, "We can always decide later to build it." County Legislator Mike Lane is concerned that rejecting it "by refusing to approve the next step ... is likely to be taken as a very negative response at the state level." Lane supports continuing with the design process.

There's also an article on a fatal collision in Danby that includes a sidebar of this year's accidents, including several in Dryden.

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