November 9, 2004

Dryden school audit clean

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that Dryden Central School District got good marks in an audit, and that the board is looking at academic intervention support and energy management.

The Journal also takes a look at TC3's alcohol awareness programs as part of a look at local colleges' efforts to fight binge drinking.

The Tompkins County Legislature will be having a public hearing on the county budget tonight, examining a budget where capital costs have driven a 6.27% levy increase. The hearing will be at 7:00pm at Ithaca Town Hall (map).

If Dryden's results last week are any sign, the New York State Republican Party is right to be looking at its own future.

On the opinion page, the last line of a letter from Arthur Barry of Dryden eerily echoes one of the Kerry campaign's early themes ("Let America be America again, " a quote from a poem by Langston Hughes) when he writes:

"Now that the election is over perhaps 'The Boss' can go back to writing songs instead of trying to write history.

Hollywood can go back to providing entertainment instead of embarrassment. The mainstream media can go back to demonstrating dignity instead of bigotry and maybe, just maybe, America can go back to being America."

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