November 1, 2004

Election day polls, dinners

While the Ithaca Journal seems to have finished with local opinion about the election on Saturday, there's still a lot of detail about election mechanics in today's paper.

The number of absentee ballots, military ballots, and ballots for citizens living outside of the country have all increased this year. People can still pick up absentee ballots at the Board of Elections office (map) today until 4:30pm. The ballot must be postmarked today or delivered by tomorrow.

There's a roundup of polling places and events, including phone numbers to call for rides. The polls are open tomorrow from 6:00am to 9:00pm. They also note that the voter's guide they ran as an insert October 22nd is available online. (If you need to figure out what district you're in, this Election map of Dryden (256KB PDF) should be helpful.)

There's also a listing of Election Day Dinners, including one at the Dryden United Methodist Church (map) from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

On the opinion page, County Legislator Michael Koplinka-Loehr takes a look at the county budget, while Gannett columnist Jay Gallagher examines Republicans' shrinking hopes in state Assembly races.

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