November 20, 2004

Open houses at Village of Dryden florists

Tracey and I and some friends explored the Village of Dryden a bit, taking advantage of open houses at Wildflowers and Arnold's Flowers. We started at Googer's Coffee Shop, where I enjoyed a half moon cookie (my usual there) and was happy to find all kinds of historical pictures and information in the table settings, as well as on the walls.

Googer's Coffee Shop
Googer's Coffee Shop.

Tables at Googer's Coffee Shop
Tables in back room of Googer's Coffee Shop.

After Googer's, we went next door to Wildflowers, which had more fine cookies and coffee from Googer's as part of their open house.

Wildflowers, Village of Dryden
Wildflowers, in the Village of Dryden.

Wildflowers, Village of Dryden
Open house at Wildflowers.

After enjoying Wildflowers' selection, we went across the street to Arnold's Flowers, which was also having an open house. They had some ceramic pots that say Dryden, Freeville, and Etna.

Arnold's Flowers, Village of Dryden
Arnold's Flowers, Village of Dryden.

Ceramics at Arnold's Flowers, Village of Dryden
Ceramics at Arnold's Flowers, Village of Dryden.

Finally, we stopped at the Dryden Liquor Store, and then came home. Walking around was a nice way to spend even a gloomy Saturday afternoon.

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