November 20, 2004

Thanks for flu clinic; suspect returned; inspiration

There are two Laurels in today's Journal about the flu clinic that Tompkins County held at the Hanshaw Road Armory on November 10th. Joan Hogan of Trumansburg thanks Alice Cole of the county health department for the clinic, while Cole thanks a number of groups for their help, including the Dryden Fire Department, the armory staff, and the Tompkins County Sheriff's Office. Cole also has a guest column on dealing with the flu vaccine shortage.

There isn't much news specifically about Dryden, but Dryden is mentioned in two very different articles. An article about the disappearance of the 'Collegetown Creeper' suspect and efforts to capture him mentions "the recent capture of Mao Sheng Lin, who skipped town before trial for his alleged role in the armed robbery last November at Dryden's Song Tao Chinese Restaurant."

In the other article, about giving thanks, Joseph Eller of the Ithaca Christian Science Church mentions how a moment in Dryden inspired him:

"I remember moving to Tompkins County 20 years ago from the San Francisco Bay area. The darkness of that first winter seemed to close in upon me. I grew quite depressed. One day as I was out driving in November -- I believe it was on Irish Settlement Road in Dryden ... I looked up to the gray hills. Suddenly the Biblical phrase, 'the little hills rejoice on every side' (from the Book of Psalms) came to my thought. Somehow, a key turned inside me with that thought. I looked again at those hills. What had seemed drab and dark a moment ago now seemed lovely in its own way -- large stretches of brown and gray with chunks of the dark green conifers here and there. The quiet of November had replaced the brief business of October, preparing us for the coming of winter, a time of rest, of deepening and rooting."

I keep finding beautiful places in Dryden, and certainly agree that Irish Settlement Road has views that bring rejoicing to mind.

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