December 18, 2004

Dryden political opinions

This morning's Ithaca Journal is light on Dryden news but has two letters from Dryden residents.

Stephen Prentice of Freeville writes to complain that:

"It seems that the press believes that the hundreds of thousands of complaints filed by outraged citizens over the rampant raunch on television somehow don't count simply because the complainant belongs to an organized group... Whether we're talking about one complaint or 1 million, it all boils down to one issue: Are networks breaking the law by showing indecent content and will the FCC do its job to enforce the indecency laws?"

Murray Cohen of Dryden decries the use of the phrase "moral values" in current politics:

"Welcome to America's 1984 Newspeak. Having Moral values means depriving people with a different sexual orientation than yours the special happiness that only married people could know (and of the significant practical benefits that come with marriage)... And having perhaps the most significant moral value of all means affirming unprovoked, unnecessary wars as long as your children are far from harm's way as Iraq is from America. Our country is what it is an George Bush is undoubtedly its spokesman."

Today's Journal also includes some articles that are not Dryden-specific, but potentially helpful. There's one on tips for protecting families from fire, one on tips for preventing holiday fires, and one that looks at different strategies for dealing with holiday parking.

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