December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas, You Old Building and Loan

This week's Dryden Courier leads with an article on Dryden's connections to the movie It's a Wonderful Life. They have a picture of John Bailey standing in front of George Bailey Insurance and an article comparing the claims of Seneca Falls and Dryden to be the Bedford Falls of the movie.

There's lots of other Dryden news as well. Also on the front page, the Dryden Central School Board is examining costs on upcoming elementary school renovations. Another article looks at changes to Dryden school policies, including school safety and facilities use. The Courier looks at the TC3 water tank break-in and resulting concerns about water contamination. There's a picture of Dryden police officer Kurt Soderholm loading a car with toys for the Cops, Kids, and Toys program. Marilyn Brooks of Dryden gets a profile - actually a "Holiday Salute" - for her work on Red Cross blood drives.

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