December 31, 2004

Neptune fire department member receives award

The year seems to be going out quietly for Dryden. Today's Journal does mention Dryden a few times, though. Mike Hall of the Dryden Fire Department received the Ithaca Rescue Steamer and Chemical Co. No. 2's Chuckie Fletcher Award, "given to a person who exhibits the dedication that marked the life of Fletcher."

At the county level, there's an article on the likely re-election of Tim Joseph to the County Legislature's chair.

On the opinion page, the Journal's editorial wish list for 2005 includes "For the Town of Dryden and its volunteer fire companies: A rapid wrap-up of their contract negotiations." I think Etna is the only department in question, though the town was researching to see if they could go to a two-year contract next year with Varna and Neptune.

Also on the opinion page, Richard Friedman of Dryden writes to complain about getting ticketed for an expired inspection while parked in downtown Ithaca.

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