December 19, 2004

Welcome to Dryden...

The Dryden Courier has one of the best editorials I've seen in a long time, picking up on the possibility of "Welcome to Dryden" signs along Routes 13 and 38, and asking what the next line should be. Here's a small taste, but it's well worth finding a copy of this week's paper:

In the grand scheme of things, backing on Dryden's biggest claim to fame isn't going to work, either. Few know that Hammond Hill is home to a very rare species of salamander, but "Welcome to Dryden, Home of the Eastern Hellbender," might confuse a few people, local residents among them...

we could do something surreal and odd, like "Welcome to Dryden, A Paint by Numbers Community." That might give people reason to stop if only to ask what that means. At which point we could say we don't know and then try to sell them something.

Like paint sets.

On the front page, the Courier looks at the new weight room in Dryden High, a big improvement from the previous arrangement where equipment moved from place to place, including the bus garage. There's also an article on fire contracts in Dryden, reflecting the discussion at the last town board meeting. The contracts article also notes that the board is pursuing the purchase of 20 acres from Empire Livestock, though they haven't fixed a price. In a change from the plan I'd heard earlier, where the old Town Hall would be knocked down,

The land would be used for a new town hall and, possibly, recreation areas. The old town hall would be taken over by the highway department.

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