December 14, 2004

Wells fight continues for Freeville student

This morning's Ithaca Journal quotes Railey Savage, a 19-year-old from Freeville, in an article on the legal fight to keep Wells College from going co-ed. Savage wants to keep Wells a women's college because it is:

"populated by strong women who could be in leadership roles, who could be active members of their communities, who have found their voices. That's become really important to me, and I value and cherish it. And I want to keep it."

There will be a symposium on the Six Mile Creek Monitoring tomorrow from 7-9 p.m. Wednesday at Cooperative Extension (map) in Ithaca. (I wrote about training for this project back in July.)

A Dryden resident was arrested Monday for violating an order of protection.

On the opinion page, Richard Westervelt of Dryden challenges arguments that the county's requirement of apprenticeship programs iin projects costing over $1 million will increase costs. He writes:

Every article has referred to the substantial cost increase related to this training program, which begs the question of what these increased costs are.

According to my sources, there is no cost from the state to have an apprentice program in a workplace. The rate of pay for an apprentice is much lower than the pay rate of the senior workers. And any time you have new employees, there are training costs, even if they are not in a state-approved training program.

In my opinion, a small group of people are taking cheap shots at an excellent training program that is available to everyone and improves the skills and employability of many members of the community.

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