January 29, 2005

Fall Creek flooding basements

While there's no mention of flooding in Dryden, water coming from Dryden is causing problems at Ithaca High School and Ithaca's Fall Creek neighborhood. The flooding is a combination of conditions in Cayuga Lake and conditions in the Fall Creek watershed that have jammed Fall Creek with ice:

The high lake level apparently is the product of warm temperatures early in the winter that brought with them increased rainfall. When cold weather finally hit and ice formed, the added water had no speedy escape route.

High lake levels have been compounded by similar problems in Fall Creek. When the temperatures dropped, the water in the creek froze, so that what came cascading over the waterfall was actually a thick slurry of water and ice chunks. When that clogged the lower part of the creek -- between the waterfall and Cayuga Lake --the water table in the Fall Creek neighborhood began to rise.

I doubt today's forecasted warmer temperatures will help much.

In other news affecting Dryden, a conservative Republican from Auburn is gearing up to challenge Congressman Sherwood Boehlert.

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