January 15, 2005

Gay marriage suit, prescription cards

Freeville residents Terri Niedzialek and Nancy Chapman attended a State Supreme Court hearing on the suit by 25 same-sex couples that seeks to remove New York State's limitation of marriage to a man and a woman. Hospital issues motivated them:

"Niedzialek said she has had battles with some hospital staff when they tried to prevent her partner from being by her side and making decisions because Chapman was not a blood relation. She prevailed, eventually, but knows such challenges to their five-year relationship will loom until laws are changed."

Dryden County Legislator Martha Robertson is quoted in a followup article on the county's new prescription drug discount cards, emphasizing that:

"the card is meant for individuals of all ages -- not just senior citizens."

Given the amount of time the Dryden Town Board gets to spend on sewer issues, perhaps they should follow the lead of the Town of Lansing, and put up a site dedicated to sewer plans. Well, probably not. Lansing's putting in a large new system, while Dryden is spending most of its time discussing existing systems. Still, it's interesting to see a town issue getting its own site.

Today's opinion page is filled with winners of the 18th annual Martin Luther King Poetry and Art Competitions, won by students from county schools.

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