January 20, 2005


County Legislator Mike Lane is quoted in an article on the Ithaca City School District's interest in a seat on the Tompkins County Industrial Development Agency board, noting that because the IDA grants tax abatements, "We are directly affected by the outcome of the decisions made by the IDA." Lane prefers that elected officials rather than representatives of particular groups make up the board:

"I think an elected official will be more responsive to taxpayers. I do think elected officials are used to dealing with issue that affect people's tax rates and tend to be careful in taking actions that could increase taxes for people....

I really don't feel we should be declaring certain seats for certain groups. To be on the board, someone should have the background, the best interest of Tompkins County at heart, be broad minded, have some understanding of business and be willing to be flexible. I think we make a mistake when we say one group needs a representative."

On the opinion page, a Journal editorial welcoming the new drug cards quotes County Legislator Martha Robertson saying that "Savings can be up to 50 percent on certain prescriptions ordered through the mail."

Dryden resident Nancy Lee Koschmann writes to say that "I too grieve Bill Moyers' retirement, which comes at a time when our democracy is truly in crisis," and recommends that people listen to WEOS public radio for news and opinion.

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