January 30, 2005

Land use in Etna and the Town, 1966

After the introductory material on land use patterns, the 1968 General Plan goes into one of my favorite features: a building-by-building survey of the Town as a whole, with additional maps for Etna, Freeville, and Dryden.

The map for the Town as a whole includes some very tiny type, so I had to scan it at a higher resolution, producing a bigger file. This sample, at the western intersection of Routes 13 and 366, gives you some idea what it looks like:

Land use from 1968 General Plan
A piece of the map of Town of Dryden Land Use from the 1968 Dryden General Plan.

There's also a list of numbered buildings corresponding to the numbers on the map - #84, where Treeforms is now, is "Commercial (radio & t.v. sales & repair)", while #85 next to it is "Commercial (Boxcar) restaurant". Note that Wilcox Press wasn't there yet. You can get a pretty detailed idea of what was here (and what wasn't) in 1966, the year the field survey was done.

The Etna map doesn't come with a list of places, probably because the few non-residential locations are identified on the town map.

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